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Interfuse Ltd is a family run business, established in 1965 for the manufacture of precast masonry blocks at locations in Syston and Gainsborough.

The Syston Plant is one of the most modern in the UK, allowing the production of dense and lightweight blocks in a range of sizes, in solid, cellular and hollow format with standard and close textured finishes, distributed through Builders' Merchants to Customers' throughout the country.

Interfuse is an accredited manufacturer of Optilyte blocks and has been selected on its ability to produce to a high quality specification.

Quality and Service is the principle objective, which has resulted in Customer's awareness of dealing with a Company of reliability that supplies an important share of the UK Block Market.



A laboratory has been installed with a full quality control system, operated by our own Laboratory Technician, who makes regular tests on all materials received, making sure they comply to the appropriate European Standards and specification required.

Daily samples of materials are sieved with moisture and density checks made. Interfuse will only use Power Station Ash whose origin is traceable and conforms to the standards on loss on ignition and sulphate content. Block heights are checked regularly during the daily production along with block weights, in order to maintain consistency throughout production and confirming that the blocks conform to the required regulations and published literature. 

Each day a quantity of the previous days production is tested in accordance with the European Standard and a seven-day test is also completed and test certificate raised. If required random tests of our stocks can be taken with any interested person being in attendance at our laboratory. 

Air Leakage Tests have been completed by the BSRIA (The Building Services Research and Information Association) Testing House at Bracknell on our blocks, confirmation results available on request.

Radiation protection offered by High Density Intercrete blocks has been tested to assess the lead equivalents of the blocks by an independent assessor confirmation results are available.

Blocks suitable for beam and block flooring:-
Intercrete, Interlyte, Interlyte-ultra and Optilyte blocks are capable of sustaining a load of 3.5kn centrally on level flat unit and comply with transverse strength requirements and independent tests have been completed by a Testing House to confirm this and are available on request.



Each pack is marked for traceability of product and unit clarification as given on the delivery ticket.



Delivery of raw materials

The raw materials are delivered by bulk haulage companies and are off-loaded into three sided storage bays at the plant to prevent contamination. Cement is delivered by cement manufacturers and PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) is delivered direct from the power stations in sealed bulk tankers and both are discharged under pressure into their respective silos.

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Start of Production Process

The materials from the storage bays are then carried by a loading shovel and tipped into an aggregate hopper situated on the ground in the yard. The material is then transferred by covered conveyor up into four enclosed aggregate storage bins. The aggregate is then released from the bins on to a conveyor belt. There are load cells that weigh off the required amount of aggregate and this is transferred by skip to the mixer.

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Mixing of Materials

The required amount of cement and PFA are discharged from the silos by a sealed screw conveyor into the mixer, at this stage the water is added to the mix as required.

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Block Production

The mixed materials are discharged into a wet holding hopper and then released into the mould, which is vibrated by the block machine.

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Curing of Blocks

The mould then lifts up and the blocks move forward on a pallet for transferring into the ovens for curing.

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Finished Product

The cured blocks are then taken the next day from the ovens and placed through the cubing system and top row banded. The finished blocks are taken from the conveyor belt by grab truck and placed into stock in the yard. These blocks are then ready for delivery to the customer.