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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement of Jelson Holdings Ltd incorporating Interfuse Ltd.

The Company Statement of Health, Safety and Welfare in pursuance of

It is the policy of Jelson Holdings, that all operations are undertaken at all times by trained and competent personnel in such a way to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees and all persons who may be affected by the Group's operations.

The Group will at all times require a high level of health and safety performance from employees and contractors and is committed to monitoring its achievements and delivering a continually improving performance throughout the group.

In particular the Group Policy is to:

Observe the requirements of the HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK Act 1974, the remaining sections of the Factories Act 1961 and all other relevant Regulations, Codes of Practice, Health & Safety Executive Guidance Notes and recommendations of Health & Safety Executive Inspectorate and Environmental Officers during visits.

  1. Provide adequate resources, including sufficient finances and access to competent health and safety advice to achieve the aims of the policy.
  2. Provide adequate and suitable information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of the employees and contractors engaged in work operations.
  3. Ensure safe systems of work are developed, maintained and audited on a regular basis.
  4. Provide and ensure all plant equipment, owned, used or hired by the group is safe for use and is properly maintained, inspected and tested.
  5. Ensure that all equipment, materials and substances used by the Group are used, handled and stored safely.
  6. Consult on health and safety matters, with pour employees and others who we may control, to ensure this policy and arrangements for health and safety are continually developed.
  7. Provide and maintain adequate welfare facilities at the workplaces.
  8. Provide trained and competent persons along with adequate facilities to treat injuries that occur at work.
  9. Prevent injury or damage to any person and adjacent property affected by our operations, including the exclusion of unauthorised persons from any workplace under the Group's control.
  10. Co-operate with the local Fire Authority to ensure that adequate fire prevention and control systems are in place at all work locations.
  11. Bring to the attention of all employees and persons in the control of the company, the contents of this policy.
  12. Update this policy annually or as work practices and new technology is introduced into the companies systems of work. 

This policy is the direct concern of the Group's Senior Management with Mr R.S. Jelley being accountable to the Board of Directors for its implementation. The Groups' Directors, Managers and Supervisors, together with the Group Safety Department, will apply this policy throughout the Groups' operations.